425 years of care

Whitgift Care is an integral part of the John Whitgift Foundation and has been since John Whitgift, The Archbishop of Canterbury, laid his founding stone more than 425 years ago at The Hospital of the Holy Trinity, now known as the Whitgift Almshouses.

As Archbishop, Whitgift spent much of his time travelling between Lambeth, Canterbury and Croydon, favouring the latter as an idyllic summer retreat and a convenient location near to London, the hive of royal and political activity. A few years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada and with the country plagued by bad harvest and wounded sailors, Whitgift decided to help the needier section of the population. He petitioned for and received permission from Queen Elizabeth I to establish a hospital and school in Croydon. The Hospital’s founding stones were laid in March 1596; it is now the Whitgift Almshouses and makes up one of Whitgift Care’s three sites.

In 1984 we built Whitgift House care home to offer care for the elderly in a modern, purpose built environment. It was originally home to 40 residents and we’re delighted that we now offer a home to over 70 individuals thanks to the addition of new facilities.

In 2007 we acquired Wilhelmina House care home which added full residential care to Whitgift Care’s range of services. Wilhelmina is home to 20 residents who are able to enjoy an active lifestyle, with the security of 24 hour care close at hand.

Today, over 425 years after we were founded, we aim to continue John Whitgift’s aim to provide care to the elderly in Croydon by providing high quality, bespoke care in relaxed and inclusive environments; offering residents a place they can call home.