A variety of furry friends and more exotic creatures paid a visit to residents at Whitgift and Wilhelmina House on Wednesday 2nd August.

The animals were circulated around the communal areas so that each resident was able to hold or stroke them.

The most exotic creatures were giant Africa land snails, Dave and Banana, who were held by a few very brave residents. Also, there was Georgina, the baby giant tortoise who was allowed to roam around the room.

The furrier animals enjoyed cuddles with many of the residents. They were Biscuit the guinea pig, Panda the rabbit, and Fudge the skunk; as well as a feathered friend, Henny Penny the Hen.

The Amazing Animal Encounters Team were also on hand to tell many interesting facts about each animal or answer any questions.

Animal therapy in care homes is very popular and studies show how beneficial animal interaction can be on people of all ages.