From short-stay respite care and residential care to round-the-clock nursing care, our care homes in Croydon offer a range of top-quality care services for older people.

Whether you need full-time nursing care or temporary residential care, our care homes in Croydon are equipped with all the facilities required and run by fully trained staff ready to provide quality home care services for the elderly.


Residential care

Wilhelmina House

Residential care is for people who are no longer able to live totally independently, and need round-the-clock elderly care to help keep them healthy, safe, and comfortable.

Nursing care

Whitgift House

In addition to needing full time personal elderly care, nursing care means residents require round the clock nursing from trained medical professionals.

Every resident we care for is given an individual care plan and receives constant elderly care and attention from trained nurses, as well as a weekly visit from their GP, to ensure their needs are being met.

Respite care

Wilhelmina House
Whitgift House

Being a carer is demanding. By taking a short respite, carers can take some time off without having to worry about the person they care for and older people get a chance to socialise with other people their age too.

Respite care can also be useful following a hospital discharge, to help people recover fully before going home.

Whitgift Care provides a broad range of home care services for the elderly. Respite breaks can be as short as a few days or as long as a few months, in either a residential or nursing care setting.

End of life care

Wilhelmina House
Whitgift House

End-of-life care means doing whatever is necessary to help an individual live as well, as fully, and as comfortably as possible.

That might be at home, in a care home, or in a nursing home – we’ll always do whatever is best for the individual.

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