Ten top tips for viewing a care home

Tip 1

Never make an appointment to view a Home just turn up, anyone can show you around. This way you can see the home as it is on a normal occasion.

Tip 2

An appointment should only be made for an assessment when you have decided that this is the type of Home you are looking for.

Tip 3

Avoid Homes that have odours.

Tip 4

Avoid Homes whose staff are not friendly and welcoming.

Tip 5

Avoid Homes whose residents appear to be bored or lacking stimulation.

Tip 6

Always check how the home did in its last Care Quality Commission inspection.

Tip 7

Ask about staff training, especially Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults training. All care staff must have regular refreshers.

Tip 8

Find out what’s on offer for residents on a day to day basis. Are activities available? What sort of food is on offer?

Tip 9

Ask to see the Service Users Guide/Statement of Purpose. This is a legal document that all Homes should have and includes a lot of information including the size of rooms, staffing and staff training.

Tip 10

Find out about the staff turnover. A care home is just that, a home, and an unusually high turnover can be disruptive to the residents of that home.