We believe all elderly residents in our person-centred Whitgift Care homes and sheltered housing deserve to be happy and cared for in a safe, and comfortable retirement community.

By really focusing on person-centred care and elderly health we can provide better quality nursing care and a better quality of retirement living. Our elderly residents are happy, fit and active, thus finding a personal sense of joy, purpose, and belonging as part of a loving and caring retirement community.


“My husband was a resident at Whitgift House for over four years. At all times, he was kindly and efficiently cared for. He regarded his carers and nurses as friends and he was always treated with respect.”

Wife of Resident

Whitgift Care homes and sheltered housing

Our care homes provide for a broad range of needs across Croydon and South London. From those who just need a helping hand with daily retirement living to those who need full-time sheltered housing or round-the-clock nursing care.

While the different services we offer are as varied as the people we look after, they’re all guided by a single approach. We focus on helping our elderly residents live their lives to the full, from the day they join us to the day they leave us.

This means, that as the needs of each individual change over time, so can our approach to person-centred care.


Eating well

Eating well is important for our health and wellbeing. Freshly prepared food and a varied menu help our seniors keep fit and healthy.

Our guests also enjoy the social side of meal times, after all, there are not many things that can bring people together like a good meal. That’s why we encourage residents in our care homes to dine together at least once a day. They’re free to make a choice about what they eat, even taking the opportunity to socialise over a glass of sherry.

These daily social events help our residents continue to enjoy supported independent living as much as possible.

Whitgift Food

Whitgift Care home activities

Exercise for the elderly is vital to keep our residents’ minds and bodies active. Not only to bring a little joy and variety to every day but to keep them feeling young for as long as possible too.

The best way to maintain elderly health and fitness is by getting up, getting out, and keeping brains and bodies busy. As well as organising group activities like weekly shows and day trips, we make sure the residents in our care homes get plenty of one-on-one time too.

That might mean playing darts, listening to old records, or just sitting down for a cup of tea and a chat. These sessions are a great chance for residents to build close personal relationships and to exercise some independence by choosing how to spend their time.

Joining a caring retirement community

We look to enrich the lives of those within our care homes and sheltered housing, helping them find a sense of purpose and belonging in a retirement community that goes beyond the four walls of their own home.

From throwing charity garden parties to getting involved with community initiatives like Grow with John, being part of Whitgift Care means being an active part of our local South London retirement community.

As part of the John Whitgift Foundation, we also have a very special relationship with its three schools: Old Palace, Trinity, and Whitgift. With the schools right on our doorstep, pupils are regular visitors and residents are always welcome to attend the fantastic musical productions and recitals they put on each year.

Other regular activities, music and arts and crafts, help keep our senior residents engaged, mentally stimulated and happy.

When safe to do so, we also look to mix groups across the Whitgift Care family. We bring people from different care settings together for day trips or for social occasions like afternoon tea and croquet. We are very lucky to have some truly fantastic grounds, gardens, and outside spaces in which to host these, as well as our own chapels.

Living life to the full means different things to different people. Caring for individuals is about finding out what a meaningful life in our retirement community means to them so that we can help to them achieve it.

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