Remembering 1916 rekindles resident’s memories

Over the summer Whitgift Care residents attended the spectacular First World War exhibition: Remembering 1916 presented by Whitgift School.

Resident’s memories of their Uncle’s and Father’s telling them stories of the war were rekindled as they made their way round the extensive exhibition.

Whitgift House resident, Doreen, reminisced about her Father’s gruelling experience of war: “I remember my Father telling me stories of working in the trenches, the conditions were appalling. He told me he had to light a match down the seams of his uniform to get rid of the lice.”

Fellow resident George said: “The exhibition is marvellous. I’ve been out to the Somme and seen the real thing! I was in the Second World War – but it was nothing like the first. The exhibition is extensive, so much information to take in. My favourite part was the focus on what civilians lifestyle was like on the homeland.”

Wilhelmina House resident, Avril said: “I found this exhibition very good, very well presented. The display that struck me the most was the scene inside the trench. It was ever so realistic.”

After viewing the exhibition everyone had a chance to review and talk about what they saw over a cup of tea in the exhibition café.

Remembering 1916 is open daily from 10am – 5pm. For further details please visit

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