Balanced diets and the importance of Vitamin D – visit from Age UK

A warm welcome was given to Becky and Julia from Age UK on Friday 26 August. They updated Whitgift Care residents on the recent changes to the Eatwell guide and gave information on the importance of Vitamin D in a balanced diet.

The Eatwell plate is a food guide designed by the Food Standards Agency, it shows the proportions and different types of food needed for a healthy balanced diet.

Becky and Julia advised residents to eat less high fat, salt and sugar foods less often and in smaller amounts.

Age UK also spoke about the importance of Vitamin D. Residents discovered that it helps your body to digest dairy, which is one of the main sources of calcium that strengthen and maintain bones.

Between March and September, the majority of people gain enough Vitamin D from sunlight and eating food containing Vitamin D. But in the Winter months people get less sunshine and therefore need to either consider taking a daily supplement or eat foods that contain Vitamin D, such as:

• Oily fish: pink salmon, kipper fillets, tinned sardines
• Hot malted drinks
• Fortified spreads
• Scrambled eggs
• Fortified corn flakes

It is important to know that the Eatwell guide applies to most people but anyone with special dietary requirements should check with their doctors before changing their eating habits.

Visit the Age UK website to find out more about the Eatwell guide and information on nutrition for older people.

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