Our top five tips to help prevent feelings of loneliness

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In England, 51% of all people over 75 live alone and 5 million older people say the television is their main form of company (NHS Choices 2015). Loneliness has been linked to a 30% rise in the risk of stroke or coronary artery disease – already among the biggest killers in the UK.

We have put together our top five tips to help prevent feelings of loneliness.

1. First of all try to find out what it is exactly that’s making you feel lonely

2. Perhaps you are not getting enough sleep, or eating enough healthy foods and getting sufficient exercise

3. Can you reintroduce an old hobby/interest or get involved in a new one?

4. Try to spend more time outdoors, where there is more chance of stimulation, socialisation and exercise

5. Consider making new friends, perhaps during activities of interests

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