Our top five tips on moving and handling people

Caring for someone can have its day to day challenges. It’s important to know how to move someone safely without injuring yourself. Learn how to move the person you care for in a safe way that prevents back strain.

We have put together our top five tips on moving and handling people.

1. Always carry out a quick risk assessment of the environment before attempting to move and handle anything.

2. Prepare the environment to prevent accidents or extra work.

3. If moving and positioning a person effective communication is key to a successful transfer.

4. Stand facing the direction you intend to move, feet shoulder width apart, bend only from your hips and knees allowing your back to stay in its natural ‘S’ shape alignment.

5. Continue to risk assess throughout the task.

The Carers Support Centre will be holding a workshop on Moving and Handling People, Tuesday 15 November, 10am – 3.30pm. Find out more about the care provided across Whitgift Care by visiting our Care that suits you page.

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