A parliament of owls assemble at Whitgift House

Whitgift House welcomed back the Owls About Town team and their feathered friends on Saturday 15 October. After weeks of anticipation residents alongside their friends and family including staff, gathered in the Anne Dynewell Suite to meet and greet the charming birds.

The Owls About Town team circulated the room allowing residents to pet and hold the fascinating creatures. The owls are each named after a member of parliament, in keeping with their collective term ‘parliament’ including Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Denis Healy.

Five facts about our feathered friends:

1. A group of owls are called a Parliament
2. Owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees
3. Owls have three eyelids which help protect, clean and maintain their incredible eye sight
4. Owls are silent predators that eat insects, small mammals and even other birds
5. They have powerful claws to help catch and kill their prey

Residents commented on the afternoon: “Marvellous creatures, so beautiful and still. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.”

“It was just magical being able to hold the Owls and see them fly around the room.”

Owls About Town care for rescued owls, either rearing them from an owlet, or caring for those who have been a victim of animal cruelty because people are sadly unaware of the correct way to care for the birds and that they can live for up to 50 years.

For more information on Owls About Town visit their website.

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