Almshouses victorious Whitgift Care Challenge winners

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After great success from the first Whitgift Care Challenge, residents were excited to compete once more for the cup; this time at Whitgift House on Wednesday 19 October.

Residents from all three homes; Whitgift House, Wilhelmina House and The Whitgift Almshouses gathered in the Anne Dynewell suite for a series of games, puzzles and quiz questions.

The afternoon was full of various interactive challenges including an alphabet quiz, guess the object in the sock, name the flag and which team can build the tallest Jenga tower.

The Whitgift Almshouses were once again crowned the Whitgift Care Challenge champions. Everyone who completed received a competitor certificate and thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon together.

Here are a few of the questions and answers from the alphabet quiz:

Letter A
Q: In which country was Mother Theresa born?
A: Albania

Letter I
Q: What is the motto of the USA?
A: In God We Trust

Letter N
Q: Feeling of sickness?
A: Nausea

Letter X
Q: Title of Iron Maiden Rock Album of 1995?
A: X Factor

Stay tuned for the next challenge, to see if the Almshouses residents are able to retain the challenge cup once more.

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