Creepy crawly creatures at Wilhelmina House

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Wilhelmina House met with Gary the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, Lenny the Scorpion, Sebastian the Hermit Crab, Ziggy the Corn Snake and a cute fluffy Guinea Pig on Friday 21 October.

Residents were captivated by the amazing creatures and the information given to them by Zoo Lab rep Zoe.

Creature facts:

• Gary the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach is really tough, he can survive in a deep freeze, intense heat from fire and can survive up to six weeks without his head!

• The red and yellow marks on Lenny the Scorpion back is a warning that he is dangerous. He was kept safely in his box!

• Sebastian the Hermit Crab is part of the crustacean family. He has six legs; his large purple claw acts like a boxing glove for fighting.

• Darwin the Bearded Dragon and his fellow dragons get their name from their throats that puff out to look like a spikey beard.

• Ziggy the Corn Snake loves to eat mice, frogs or birds. Corn snakes can swallow their food whole.

The creatures stirred up treasured memories from one resident’s past holiday to Australia: “The creatures are amazing, they remind me of my trips abroad. I remember seeing animals and insects much like these in Australia.”

Find out more about Zoo Lab by visiting their website.

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