1596 Club increases its reach with new buses

Whitgift Care helps older Croydon residents keep their independence and dispel loneliness with its 1596 Club.

On Tuesday 29 November, Whitgift Care took delivery of two new minibuses. The minibuses will be used to pick up and drop off members of the new 1596 Club who need help getting to the club.

Current residents of Whitgift Care will also benefit from the new minibuses by allowing more trips between the homes and to The Whitgift Foundation schools, as well as day trips further afield.

The 1596 Club was launched last month to provide people with home-cooked food, social activities and personal care. It was set up to help older people in Croydon who choose to stay in their own homes but who might need a little more support such as accessing personal care or a more active social life, to help combat feelings of loneliness.

The Club also provides quality day respite for those being cared for. Both Club members and their carers have the peace of mind that the club delivers a high level of professional and quality care as well as a busy and active social environment.

Loneliness is a growing problem among older people

The Age UK Loneliness Heat Map of Croydon shows areas of medium to high risk of loneliness among the 65+ age category in the surrounding areas of the Whitgift Care homes.

The Campaign to end loneliness has built up a lot of evidence of the negative effects of loneliness to older people. “Academic research is clear that preventing and alleviating loneliness is vital to enabling older people to remain as independent as possible. Lonely individuals are more likely to:

  • Visit their GP, have higher use of medication, higher incidence of falls and increased risk factors for long term care
  • Undergo early entry into residential or nursing care
  • Use accident and emergency services independent of chronic illness

“There are hardly any services like our 1596 Club in Croydon, and having the new minibuses means we can reach people who aren’t local to our homes. Supporting older people’s independence by helping them live healthy and social lives is important to Whitgift Care and encouraging people to become a member of our 1596 Club is an easy way to do this. Of course, our residents also like meeting new people and trips out so the buses have been eagerly awaited!” Jennifer Daley, Care Services Manager, Whitgift Care

Martin Corney, Chief Executive of The Whitgift Foundation said:
“Whitgift Care homes are already known for their excellent care and very social and welcoming atmospheres. I am proud to be able to broaden our services further in the Borough by inviting those who choose to remain in their own homes to spend just a day or two with us. They will receive freshly cooked nutritious meals, personal care and a chance to make new friends while taking part in our many events and activities such as arts and crafts, exercise classes, pampering sessions, musical performances, films and computer classes.”

Whitgift Care Minibus