Stroke Association share FAST campaign with residents

Whitgift Care welcomed Stroke Association representative Clare to Whitgift House on Wednesday 15 February. Residents from the Almshouses and Whitgift House were given information on what a stroke is, how to reduce their risk of having a stroke and useful memorable tips to reduce the impact of a stroke.

Residents learnt about the FAST test which helps identify the three most common symptoms of a stroke:

F ace: look at the person’s face and ask them to smile. Has their face fallen on one side?

A rms: ask the person to raise both of their arms and keep them there. Are they unable to raise one arm?

S peech: ask the person to tell you their name, or say ‘hello’. Is their speech slurred?

T ime: if you spot any of these signs, always call 999

After the presentation and questions, residents had the opportunity for their blood pressure to be monitored. High blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors for strokes, it is a contributing factor to 54% of strokes.

For more information on Strokes or the Stoke association visit

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