Whitgift Care receives Soil Association Gold Food for Life award

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Congratulations to our Whitgift Care Homes for gaining the Soil Association Gold Food for Life award.

Both Whitgift House and Wilhelmina House have received Gold awards for the quality of the food served to Whitgift Care residents.

The Soil Association aims to make Britain healthier through good food which they describe as:

  • A healthy and sustainable diet: less high fat/salt/sugar processed food. More fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and sustainable fish.
  • Quality food you can trust: more fresh, local, seasonal, sustainable food.
  • Eating together: more social contact through food, building communities and tackling loneliness. *

“Receiving the Gold Food for Life award makes me extremely proud of the high quality food we consistently serve across Whitgift Care. The award recognises how much hard work and commitment our cooks and kitchen staff invest in the residents’ meals ensuring that they are healthy, tasty and sustainably sourced.” Deborah Pearson, Wilhelmina House Manager.

“The Food for Life Scheme ensures that our menus are based around food that is freshly prepared, free from controversial additives and artificial trans fats. The milk and beef we use are organic, the pork, poultry, lamb and eggs are all free range; the fish is Marine Stewardship Council certified and the provenance of the products can be tracked to source. The Soil Association closely monitor the products used, and the menus, to ensure we achieve and keep our Gold Standard.” Chris, Head Chef at Whitgift House.

Find out more about Soil Association and the Food for Life award.

*information taken from the Food for Life brochure.

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