Wilhelmina House receives St Christopher’s End of Life Care award

Congratulations to Wilhelmina House for receiving the St Christopher’s End of Life Care award for completing the Steps to Success Programme.

The rigorous training programme aimed specifically for residential care homes, has allowed staff at Wilhelmina House to develop valuable new skills to better support residents nearing the end of their life.

Staff worked through a six step programme that included identifying residents’ preferences before they become too ill to express their wishes; collating a document with resident’s medical needs so that they are easily accessible to healthcare professionals; pain management techniques and supporting the care team after a resident’s death.

An overview of the programme is as follows:

  • Step 1 – Assessment, care planning and review
  • Step 2 – Discussions as the end of life approaches
  • Step 3 – Care in the last weeks/days of life
  • Step 4 – Care after death
  • Step 5 – Delivery of high quality care
  • Step 6 – Good co-ordination of care

As Wilhelmina House does not offer End of Life Care having the award means that the Home is prepared if a resident should reach that stage while living at the Home.

“The Steps to Success Programme has helped staff gain new skills and develop their confidence when caring for residents who may require End of Life Care.” Deborah Pearson, Wilhelmina House Manager.

“Overall, we feel that this programme has supported us to have a greater appreciation for the care, systems, protocols and supportive networks which drive the need to improve care and increase awareness of End of Life Care in Residential Homes.” Whitgift Care staff member.

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