Zoo Lab animals amaze Whitgift Care

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Incredible creatures were brought into Whitgift House by Zoo Lab, an animal handling company, on Tuesday 13 March.

Charlie the Hissing Cockroach, Ivy the Tarantula, Harley the Corn Snake, Wizard the Rat and George the Giant African Land Snail greeted and amazed residents from all three homes and members of the 1596 Club.

Everyone had the opportunity to hold the fascinating reptiles and rodents and discover interesting facts:

  • Charlie the hissing Cockroach can live in a block of ice for up to two and a half years and survive – as he has a naturally occurring anti-freeze
  • Ivy the two-year-old Tarantula will live until she is 30, she is usually bright pink but currently black as she is shedding her coat
  • Harley the North America Corn Snake has four strong muscles to move and climb

Whitgift House resident said: “This afternoon has been educational – it’s been a wonderful experience.”

1596 Club member spoke about their pet: “I have a cat at home which I love, I’m not sure I would like to own a snake but it was fun to have the opportunity to hold one.”

Wilhelmina House resident said: “Marvelous creatures, it’s great that we share our planet with them and that we’ve been able to see them and hold them this afternoon.”

Zoo Lab is the UK’s number one animal handling experience, working with schools, care homes and organisations around the UK. Zoo Lab works with animals to amaze, educate, inspire.