Mental Wellbeing talks held at Whitgift Care


Whitgift Care welcomed Anna D’Agostino, Mental Health Community Development Officer (Older Adults) from Croydon BME Forum throughout January to lead talks about Mental Wellbeing and how to cope with stress and anxiety.

Information was given to residents about how to manage stress and anxiety, the causes, useful tips to help reduce the symptoms and support available in Croydon.

Residents and 1596 Club members had the opportunity to take part in a mindfulness exercise, which can be practiced helping relieve the symptoms of stress.

Anna shared her five top tips for mental wellbeing:

  • Communicate
    • Communication is important for our wellbeing, try and have a chat about how you’re feeling on a regular basis.
  • Keep Active
    • Staying active can make a big difference
  • Balance your diet
    • A varied diet can help both our physical and mental wellbeing. Eating regular meals can ward off dips in blood sugar.
  • Feed your creative side
    • Listening to your favourite music, picking up a paintbrush, or putting a pen to paper – any activity that engages our creativity is an excellent way to support mental wellbeing.
  • Make life better for others
    • Supporting other people is both a worthwhile activity, and one that can contribute to our own wellbeing.

More tips on how to keep well can be found on Rethink website.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact Anna, Croydon BME Forum:

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