Wilhelmina House celebrates the start of 2019 with a balloon release


To mark the start of a new year Wilhelmina House residents and staff released over 30 balloons in January.

Attached to each balloon were quotes by various authors alongside resident’s name and the home’s contact details in hope that the balloon will reach someone, and they will respond.

Several of the residents thoroughly enjoy reading and writing poetry so really enjoyed the activity. Wilhelmina House resident Sheila reflected upon the event: “We all had a wonderful afternoon, I love reading poems it was great to read one of my own titled: “Ode to the New Year”.

Before releasing the balloons, residents listened to recitals of the poems by Edith Lovejoy Pierce and G. K Chesterton that were attached to the balloons.

In years gone by the home has received responses from Germany, Oxford, Kingston and Terschelling in the Netherlands. If you spot one of our balloons be sure to send it back to our residents who are eagerly awaiting a response.

After releasing the balloons and watching the wind take them high into the sky, residents enjoyed a tea and hot chocolate whilst looking through the previous responses.

Wilhelmina House, 1596 Club member said: “Its marvellous that the balloons have reached as far as the Netherlands. I hope we receive lots of responses.”

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