Whitgift Care visit home of Charles Darwin

2019 07 08 141616 low res

Whitgift Care residents had a delightful day trip to Down House, the home of Charles Darwin on Monday 8th July.

Residents explored the unique house and grounds where Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution and wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Darwin lived in the house for 40 years with his wife, Emma. Residents toured the restored bedroom; the room in which the scientist passed away in 1882 at the age of 73.

After exploring the gardens and grounds residents met the beekeepers who answered their questions about honey bees and explained how Darwin observed bees in his outdoor laboratory.

Almshouses resident Liz commented: “We found the house very interesting and the grounds really beautiful. It was a lovely outing on a perfect day. The staff there made us very welcome.”

Whitgift Care residents spoke about their outing: “The gardens are so beautiful. It was a great experience to walk where Charles Darwin once strolled and thought about his ideas.”

For more information about Down House, visit the English Heritage website.