Whitgift House Croquet Season 2019

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With summer now in full swing, Whitgift House’s competitive croquet team have been making the most of the warmer weather by hosting a series of croquet matches in the home’s spacious garden.

Staff from across The Whitgift Foundation have been invited to the home to compete against Whitgift House residents in the game, which has been a long-standing summer tradition for staff and residents.

On a sunny afternoon in early July, Whitgift Foundation head office staff were welcomed to the home for an afternoon of croquet, tea and cake. Competitors were split into teams to battle it out in a series of games to determine the overall winning side.

Many of the head office staff had never even picked up a croquet mallet before, but after some guidance from our more seasoned players, they gave an impressive performance! The final score was very close, but after a strong round from Chief Executive Martin Corney and his team, the head office staff were crowned the overall winners.

With the Whitgift Foundation School and head office staff matches now ticked off the list, the final match on the agenda will see Whitgift House residents competing against Foundation Governors. Good luck to all those involved!

As croquet season draws to a close, we look ahead to next year’s tournament and to more activities outside in the beautiful grounds.

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