Whitgift House joins forces with St Christopher’s

Whitgift House Low Res

Whitgift House is delighted to now be working in partnership with St Christopher’s to continue its outstanding provision of End of Life Care.

The home, which has 36 beds for nursing care, has completed the rigorous St Christopher’s STEPS End of Life programme having produced a thorough portfolio of evidence as well as a variety of specialist training workshops for staff.

The partnership enables staff to have access to round the clock clinical supportand research-based training to improve the quality of life and dignity for residents as they near the end of their lives.

The programme contains six steps including care planning, initial discussions with residents as the end of life approaches, care in the last weeks or days of life and care after death.

Philomena Kavanagh, Whitgift House Matron, said: “We are delighted to be working with St Christopher’s as we greatly value their expertise. It’s an ideal partnership as we now have access to a large network of providers and resources which gives our staff the extra confidence to care for residents whilst living at the home and throughout their End of Life plan.”

A representative from St Christopher’s Hospice commented on Whitgift House’s portfolio: “Well done! The portfolio is extremely detailed and well written. It demonstrates clearly the ‘gold standard’ care the residents at Whitgift House receive. Extensive effort is taken to focus on the quality of life of the residents, addressing their holistic needs, enabling them to ‘live before they die’, and then to die with peace and dignity. A real effort has been made to reflect, evaluate and continuously improve and develop the end of life care that is given in the home.”

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