Derby Day is a real winner for Whitgift House


One of the highlights of the Summer social diary is the Epsom Derby, a grand day out where thousands of people swarm the South Downs. Dressed in their finest outfits, many hope to make a fortune, but in reality, they just try not to lose too much money!

Our residents got into the spirit of Derby Day by taking part in a sweepstake for the big race. Residents selected their horses by lucky dip, with each selection costing £1, meaning first place would win £8, second place would win £5 and third place would win £3.

Residents enjoyed the day of racing, with some watching the event in their rooms, while many others cheered on their horses together in the community room.

Things became serious once the big race began, which was won by rank outsider Serpentine at 25-1. Our resident Maya had the winning ticket, but it seems Maya was so caught-up in the afternoon’s entertainment that she only realised she had won once she was presented with her winnings.

Second place went to Stan, who kindly donated his winnings to the Whitgift House charity fund to support good causes.

Finally, coming in third place was Florence who was “over the moon” with the result, Florence said: “I can’t believe I won, I never win anything!”.

The day of sporting entertainment was completed as our residents re-lived the 2012 Women’s Wimbledon final whilst enjoying strawberries and cream.

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