Armistice Day at Whitgift Care


Residents and staff at our Whitgift Care homes marked Armistice Day and honoured those who served our country by observing the two minutes silence.

The importance of this day and its personal connections with both our residents and staff was bought home all the more when Whitgift House Activities Co-ordinator Angela shared her Grandad’s personal items from the Second World War, a war which Angela’s Grandad sadly never returned home from.

Angela shared a letter from her Grandad to his wife, his cigarette case, a photograph and medal.

Residents also looked at different items from the war including ration books, evacuee photos, letters and magazines. As the residents looked through these items, they reminisced, sharing stories about their lives and experiences.

In the afternoon residents enjoyed a wartime-inspired afternoon tea with items on the menu including savoury pork pies, corned beef & piccalilli sandwiches, and lots of cake (obviously).

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