Residents create memory and wishing trees

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Whitgift House residents have been making good use of the home's new Wish Tree.

Residents can add their wish to the tree and the care staff will try to grant the residents’ wishes.

Irene's requested a box of her favourite chocolates, Black Magic.

The wish tree has inspired our Whitgift House residents’ to also create a memory tree using their family photos with residents decorating the tree with their special memories written on baubles.

Daphne's memory was of her camping trip to Scotland, walking up mountains and drinking from the fresh spring water streams.

Una's memory is that her husband receiving a work bonus, and the both of them flying off for a romantic holiday to Italy.

Maya memory is her 50th wedding anniversary; surrounded with family and friends, all laughing and singing.

Whitgift House residents then enjoyed mince pies and sherry, which were kindly donated by Trinity School.

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