In our retirement community, at Whitgift Almshouses and Whitgift House sheltered housing, residents can come and go as they please with the safety and security of sheltered accommodation where companionship and a helping hand are never far away

Through supported independent living at Whitgift Almshouses and Whitgift House sheltered housing complex, we provide a safe and open environment for our elderly guest to enjoy a full and rewarding life within our retirement community in Croydon.


Whitgift House Sheltered Housing


Whitgift House sheltered housing in Croydon is a caring retirement community nestled in the grounds of Whitgift School.

Those who live here often enjoy an especially close relationship with residents in Whitgift House – who they’re able to see socially for picnics, parties, and games if they choose.

Whitgift Almshouses


A welcoming retirement community nestled in the heart of Croydon.

The Almshouses in Croydon are where residents can enjoy total independence but also the close company of other residents who live inside the walls of the historic retirement home.

Supporting independent living

While our residents enjoy supported independent living, our support staff are there to keep a watchful eye, deal with any problems with the property, and to give our guests a helping hand with daily life when they need it.

Within our sheltered housing, our staff are on site every day throughout the week to help, Should residents need help urgently at any time they can trigger their pendant alarm to access our 24/7 care line and get the care that they need.

On duty care support staff

Emergency Pendant 24/7 Careline

Self catered

Morning Call / Daily Check-ups

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