On Wednesday 9th of August we held a Croquet match between sheltered residents’ team and WH volunteers team from Upland Road and Ken.

Residents won in a close fought match. Lots of fun was had by all including the large crowd made up of nursing and sheltered residents.

Match Commentary by Robert Harrison;

Game 1) WH Alice & Joan v UR&K Sue & Jill
WOW, what can one say. Sue, with her first shot took a commanding lead of 3 hoops and finished in 8 giving the other players no chance, she took the first win and 4 points, I wonder how many Weetabix she had in the morning. I have never seen this done before. I do remember in last year’s governors match it took Martin our beloved CEO 3 shots to get though the first hoop.  Alice & Joan managed to take 2nd & 3rd just piping Jill.
Running score: 5-5

Game 2) WH Edna & Maurice v UR&K Kathrine & Ian

Close this one. And it was never clear who would win the game as at each hoop the leadership changed quite a few times. Maurice came through to take 4 points, Ian, Kathrine & then Edna for 2nd, 3rd & 4th places respectfully.
Running score: 10-10

Game 3) WH Hilary & George v UR&K Diane & Ken

George rocketed a head to take 1st place with some fine accurate shooting and to take 4 points. A keen fight pursued between the other 3 with Hilary, Diane & Ken taking the last respective places.
Running score: 17-13

Tea, coffee, cherries, strawberries & cream and pastries were served. It was agreed to have another 3 games as I do not think Ian was hungry to win:

Game 4) WH Maurice & George v UR&K Ian & Ken

I was not sure if they would get past the second hoop. They seemed more interested in hitting their opponents balls away. In the end in a close fought game Ian eventually took the win and the 4 points, followed by George, Ken & Maurice respectfully.

Running score: 21-19

Game 5) WH Alice & Hilary v UR&K Jill & Kathrine

Another close fought match. It was down to the final hoop & peg before the winner was revealed and that was Jill, who took the 4 points, Hilary, Alice & Kathrine taking 2nd, 3rd & 4th places.
Running score: 26-24

Game 6) WH Edna & Joan v UR&K Diane & Sue

Tension was mounting as only 2 points separated the teams and this being the last match. The Whitgift residents started to pull away by the 3rd hoop.  And though they took quite a few shots each to reach the 6th hoop. Edna romped ahead to take first place & the 4 points, followed closely by Hilary in 2nd, and Sue & Diane taking 3rd & 4thplaces.

Final score: WH  33-27 UR&K

Big thank you to the Upland Road & Ken team: Sue, Jill, Kathrine, Diane, Ken & Ian (Captain of sorts 😊)

Well done to the resident’s team Edna (Captain), Alice, Joan, Hilary , Maurice & George.

Thank you for the staff and volunteers who obtained, prepped & served the refreshments & delights.